Things To Do NOW If Divorce Is Coming


  1. Make an appointment with a divorce attorney NOW. Learn what your rights are and what you can do to protect yourself. Hire an attorney with experience.
  2. Copy all financial documents including credit card statements, car titles and registrations, tax returns, IRA statements, brokerage accounts, mutual funds, 401k, pension, retirement, and bank accounts.
  3. Video the contents of the home, room to room, showing all furniture and assets.
  4. Put some cash aside. Go to the bank and take one-half of all monies in all accounts and transfer into an account just in your name with a different bank. You will need this money to pay some bills and to hire an attorney.
  5. Get a new e-mail account with a new password. The password needs to be something that cannot be easily guessed by your spouse. If your telephone is linked to your spouses telephone, change your phone to a separate account.
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