Altamonte Springs Eviction Lawyer


My law firm does a high volume of evictions for rental property owners, apartment complexes, and owners of rented condos. We represent landlords only in evicting tenants that are not paying rent.

Because this office handles a high volume of eviction work, I am able to do evictions at a very low rate. Attorney’s fees are $400 per case + costs. Costs involved are filing fee, the issuance of the summons and service of process. The only thing that would increase attorney’s fees would be if the eviction is contested and required additional Court appearance, pleadings, depositions or some other issue in the litigation.

By doing a high volume of eviction work, I have this procedure down to a science. I know that speed is critical to you, the client, in that you want possession of the property as soon as possible so that the property can be re-rented and the amount of income lost is minimized.

I own numerous rental properties myself and understand that quick turnaround is the key. There is always a loss of revenue in an eviction, but the faster that the non paying tenant can be removed, the faster the property can be re-rented and generate income.

If you manage an apartment complex, please call me to discuss your eviction needs. We handle evictions all over the State of Florida and are not limited geographically. I look forward to hearing from you regarding your eviction issues.

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